1. Don't be a dick. Anything childish or inappropriate submitted through the form will be deleted and not published.
  2. Humans only! Sorry but if you are a robot trying to sell pills or otherwise, your submission won't be accepted.
  3. A website you code yourself is not required to join. You only need to be able to display a banner and link back to this site.
  4. In the spirit of this clique;
    1. Any resource* you've used that is not your own creation must be attributed properly. And,
    2. If it's fan art or otherwise not from a dedicated resource website (Unsplash, etc.), there must be evidence that you've obtained permission.
  5. Please use latin, alphanumeric characters in your site name. We cannot guarantee we'll be able to display your name if it uses non-latin characters. (That's a limitation on our listing management script and web hosting server, not us. Sorry.)
  6. We reserve the right to not add your website if we feel it contains anything offensive, hurtful, illegal, or otherwise not in line with the spirit of this web clique.

How to Attribute and Get Permission

When we say “attribute properly” we mean that you've properly named the author of that resource. In other words, your credits page shouldn't read “Image credits: Google Search” but more like “Image credits: Jane Doe from Unsplash”.

When we say “gotten permission” we mean that you've actually emailed the original creator of that work and gotten a yes from them.

If you can appreciate the talent that went into artwork, then I think it's only fair to take time out of your day to credit and/or ask the original artist.

* This is not just limited to fan art and images, but any font, sound, HTML code... anything creative that is not your own original work.