Welcome to G.R.I.T.

Welcome to G.R.I.T. - Give Respect (to) Independent Talent.

This web clique is inspired by the no-longer active Online Fanarts Protection and several other cliques/support pages which are no longer around.

The goal of this clique is to spread awareness of proper attribution, giving credit where it's due, and asking permission where it's approrpriate.

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The internet is a wonderful place. There's a lot of talented people who love to share their creations with the world, and they should feel free to do so! However, these people are unaware of how others may be using their work.

One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.

Thomas Sowell

There are just as many people who may not be an illustrator or photographer, but may wish to decorate their website or online profile with stuff that they find.

I suppose you might be wondering, “What's the harm? I'm just doing it for fun” or you might even be thinking, “Who cares?”

In most situations, no harm is done to the person who originally created the work. However, in my opinion, it just doesn't seem fine to ignore they exist.

“But no one's stopped me!”

Whether or not it is explicitly said, original creators have a right to say what they want and don't want to happen with their work. It is a fairly common myth that because things are found freely on the internet and/or lack a copyright statement it means it's okay to use them. This simply isn't true.

Yes, that's copyright. Copyright doesn't only exist so big companies can delete your YouTube content — it exists so independent artists can have a say too!

... to download and "reuse" is easy, but to "create" one illustration is very hard.

Online Fanarts Protection

Personally I find it disheartening when someone puts together a collection of “found” images. It's virtually taking credit for artwork you didn't make!

So if this resonates with you... if you think artists deserve proper appreciation beyond “artist unknown”, then feel free to grab a button and join!